Our company offers a wide range of services.






Our international forwarding and transit departments are led by experienced managers and employees of this industry and are provided with connections in foreign and domestic markets in their field of work. The focus of these departments and the important principle of customer service company (customer orientation), Efficiency and performance (work efficiency), profitability, providing high quality services to customers and timely execution of projects.


The services provided by this company in this section include:


.Sea shipments

.Project shipments

.Rail cargo

.Combined shipping


.Full container

.Open eaten container

.Types of bulk shipments, including cereals and minerals


.Door to Door (DOOR TO DOOR)

.Internal and external transit



.Delivery to destination with payment of DDP customs duties and taxes

.Delivery to destination without payment of DDV customs duties and taxes

Thirty consecutive years of experience as senior managers of the country’s shipping industry and relationships with prominent brokers and shipowners around the world, especially in the Caspian and Persian Gulf countries, led the company to create / form a chartering department to serve its customers. .


Today, our chartering department, which is run by a team with experience in shipping and chartering, works closely with all groups (shipowners, ship renters, operators, businesses, exporters and shippers of various types of cargo) to ensure Meet their chartering needs in the requested time and speed.


As a follower and executor (BIMCO), it has access to rules and documents to assist in the documentation process and chartering departments, which is a guarantee for customers and line managers around the world.


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Ability to transit different cargoes of different sizes, types and shapes, including full containers, bulk cargo including grain and mineral cargo, heavy and project cargo, from all southern ports of country to around the world even more from northern ports to destinations in the Caspian sea in the shortest time as well as the ability to access vessels, trains and trucks suitable for specialized transport for ordinary, non-standard, heavy and project shipments through our affiliated transport and partners and marine, rail and road contractors provided by The clearance team is led, puts us in a position to be able to provide transit services from Iran to different destinations with competitive rates and convenient shipping times.

This is another type of service that Eurasian Ocean Movement provides to its customers.

Relying on years of management experience in the largest maritime transport complex in the country, our expert team offers you the best option. Multimodal or combined transport in order to transport goods uniformly from the origin to the final destination using several or all modes of transport (road, rail, sea and air) and with the aim of choosing the most efficient route possible.


Optimal combination of transportation methods; It leads to increased shipping speed, lower costs and increased product safety, and one of its most prominent features is concluding a single contract with a shipping company or a forwarder, and consequently reducing the responsibility of customers and owners of goods.


One of the shortest portable routes is as follows:


Transportation of goods by ship from any POL to Bandar Abbas and from Bandar Abbas to Anzali port (in Iran) by truck and from Anzali port to any active POD such as Aktau port (Kazakhstan) by ship or vice versa.


Eurasian Ocean Movement Company in the field of transportation services (combined / multi-purpose / multi-faceted) is not limited to the Caspian Sea routes, but is active in all southern ports as well as neighboring countries of Iran.

The China-Kazakhstan-Iran Economic Corridor is part of a new Silk Road investment project that will connect China’s Xinjiang to Iran from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan, and along it to Europe. The corridor starts in China and reaches the port of Aktau in the country via the China-Kazakhstan railway line and connects to the Caspian port via the Caspian Sea. Transit route China (Urumqi), Kazakhstan (Aktau port), Iran (Caspian port), a route that will help export goods to Russia, Poland and Northern Europe more quickly.


Relying on the experience of its managers, who have been involved in launching the China-Kazakhstan-Iran economic corridor, the company can provide valuable services for cheap, fast and safe transportation from China to Iran’s domestic destinations.

Eurasian Ocean Movement as a company, relies on the experience and performance of its managers in transporting project shipments from all over the world to Iran and vice versa over the years, and using the most economical way and in the shortest time, cargo Delivers exhibitions and projects to the destination.

Maritime law includes a set of domestic and international laws and regulations that govern the commercial and commercial activities of individuals in navigable waters. In addition to issues that occur at sea, these activities include what occurs on land and related to shipping and maritime transport of goods and passengers.

 They return. These include loading and unloading ships, port services, insurance, warehousing, clearance and so on.


Since issues related to trade and maritime transport have a special delicacy and complexity and require special knowledge and skills in handling and resolving matters, the Law and Wisdom Law Institute is proud to offer a variety of services by employing maritime law experts. Legal and commercial services to improve the performance of your activities as well as resolve your disputes and problems.